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inJour is the new different online magazine

inJour combines captivating and well-researched stories with our storytellers' enthusiasm to tell about everything that hopefully interests you. And our talented bloggers from all around the world will give you a unique insight into the countries' political and cultural state as well as stories about the 'ordinary man'.

It is our belief that you and our other readers like to read serious, compelling and relevant stories on the internet - to get an experience - to get behind the facade - to acquire knowledge and to gain a deeper insight into the society we all are a part of - all around the world.

inJour has not in the same way as other medias a constant deadline hanging above its journalists and bloggers in order to produce endless news stories and no need to fund the medias existence. At inJour we believe that well written stories take time.

Furthermore our journalists and bloggers are carefully selected and are free to write/blog about practically whatever they want. The editorial team will of course read and check all the articles and blogs before published, but if the content fits the formula of being interesting, well researched and well written - the content can be cleared.

And as a final note -  

inJour is completely independent of political and economic interests.

Welcome to inJour!

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Heart of Serbia

March 13, 2013

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Guns and Consti…

January 21, 2013



January 4, 2013

Martin Kurt Haglund

Martin Kurt Hag…

December 20, 2012

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