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Gaming dependency and gambling addiction - before and after Diablo III.

07 May

When the Moon came to Earth…

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In America, gas prices have become part of the Presidential campaign, and Obama has promised to step up the effort to increase domestic supplies. The reason? Gas prices are now above $4/gallon (about €0,80/liter). You might think this is cheap – in the US, it’s a lot. The main reason that the gas price has soared to these levels is that the price of oil has gone up. It now hovers around $110/barrel, which is a lot higher than historical prices, and high oil prices translates into high prices at the pump.


On Thursday 26 January Anonymous launched a DDoS attack of 300.000 hits per second on the European Parliament’s website, swiftly downing it. The EP hit came soon after the Czech and Polish governments suffering similar attacks, only the latest public institutions to get caught up in internet brawls and ending up with their sites trashed.


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