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07 May


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This is a collection of photos portraying the difficulties of being a person that the extremely religious society does not tolerate. They live in fear of losing their jobs, loved ones, and even their lives if exposed. These four stories represent a global issue of tolerance towards sexuality that is ever present in Jerusalem.


When I jumped off the bus with my bag slung across my shoulder, the smell of tanned hide, mint and pot hit my face like a slap. A man in his thirties, smiling broadly, grabs my arm and asks eagerly: "Where are you going?"


All across Europe, governments are issuing warnings concerning the youth, which will one day carry society forward, and perhaps should already be doing so. A generation which grew up with the wealth Europe has been so busy trying to protect, that nobody noticed they had lost it before it was too late. And as a result there is a generation of young people trying to make a living during one of the worst crises in Europe since the 1930's.


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